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Welcome to the CBC Batch '83 Home Page!

This is an initial attempt to build our own web page. We will upgrade to an advertisement-free page as we go along.

Please send pictures that you'd like posted here....old faces, new faces, whatever. Old school pictures will be most welcome.

On March 19,1983 we said goodbye to Colegio Del Buen Consejo. Armed with dreams for the future, we headed off in different directions. Filled with hope and uncertainty. Anxious to see what life has in store for us.
And so time passed.
We went through the turbulence of our 20's. We won some, lost some.
But for every shattered dream, we gained wisdom.
For every lost love, we gained strength.
For every tear we shed...hope.
Now we find ourselves gladly looking back. Getting in touch with old friends/classmates. Talking about the school and the time that helped define who we are today.
And regardless of where we stand, we have that one common bond. We were once and always will be Colegialas!

"All my life, I've been hoping to be
strong as the wind, as it blows from the sea.
gentle as the sunset,
quiet as the evening shadows
soft as the green of spring,
young...full of hope
and now I must live to be
all that I've hoped to be
from this moment I must go
I must be where dreams come true"
Our Online Tambayan
Naiyak kayo dun sa intro 'no??? Aminin!!
Anyways...if you would like to contribute an article, please send it to me. Anecdotes, announcements or just plain chika.

What's new?
As you all know, we had two mini reunions recently. The first one was held last Jan. 26 at the Sheraton Universal in L.A., the other one was held in San Francisco on Feb. 2.
Both events were incredibly memorable!
It's amazing how we can still all relate to each other after all these years.
Hopefully, this will lead to many other mini reunions and THE Grand reunion in 2003.
Please let us know also of any other mini reunions
you guys have...wherever that may be.
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Send an email